lundi 26 avril 2010

Smoke Bath

Excited to be part of SMOKE BATH online show and book curated by Peter Sutherland. check the website, more images and a video will be shown on the online gallery soon.

  1. "For the last few years I’ve been thinking of art outside of the context of galleries, sales and museums. I’ve wondered about the power of art and its potential to do something positive. At it’s core, this project is a test, and I hope the result will be an (online) exhibition that people all over the world can enjoy while raising some money for a very good cause in the process. I hope the images collected here inspire people to think about the beauty of the wilderness, and perhaps inspire them to donate to Visiting natural and wilderness areas can be a very peaceful and mind-expanding experience. Hopefully this project helps kids to discover the outdoors. Thanks to all of the artists who contributed to Smoke Bath!"

  2. Peter Sutherland

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