samedi 12 décembre 2009

mercredi 2 décembre 2009

Ohta diary

My friend Ohta Masataka is a great fashion designer and here his diary check it!

mardi 1 décembre 2009

Juxtapoz photo book

I'm part of Juxtapoz photo book
Tinker street* photographer Ye Rin Mok is in there too!

Once a year, the Juxtapoz Magazine photo issue is released to eagerly awaiting fans of bleeding-edge photography. For the first time, Juxtapoz Photography pulls together in one volume the featured artists who since 1994 have been redefining a new movement of art and culture through provocative lenswork, groundbreaking camera angles, intense and often irreverent subject matter, moody and vibrant colors, and intimate portraiture.
Juxtapoz Photo showcases a diverse group of current photographers, both established and up and coming, with a mix of personal and documentary images. The photos are eclectic in style and subject — from portraits of celebrities and anonymous people, to snapshots from travels abroad and intimate moments captured on film — but all photos are united by the Juxtapoz stamp of intriguing freshness and outsider perspectives.
Contributors include Corey Arnold, Estevan Oriol, Alex Prager, Angela Boatwright, Dylan Maddux, Sam Bassett, Ye Rin Mok, Jesse Pollock, Heather Culp, Andy Mueller and many more.

mardi 24 novembre 2009

Tinker Street * + Fecal Face

Who are you people?
nicholas haggard--ye rin mok--estelle hanania--peter sutherland--ben pier--thobias faldt and matty sidle.

What is this tinker street*?
picture agency... a pack of hyenas with cameras... i was thinking more like the breakfast club...with cameras... a collective of photographers, who also do video and illustration. one can hire us...gathered by the one and only jesse miller...

....check Fecal Face website

lundi 23 novembre 2009

Blind Spot Auction NYC coming soon

I'll be part of


2009 Benefit Auction
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
X Initiative
548 West 22nd Street NYC 10011

dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Fantastique des Mirages

vernissage jeudi 26 novembre
galerie nuit d'encre 64 rue jean-Pierre Timbaud

mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Parking Lot Hydra by Decathlon Books

Parking Lot Hydra 2009/50 pages/color on newsprint
you can order it here

mardi 17 novembre 2009

Tinker street * projects launched

More Tinker street* photographers work here, enjoy!

Nice post on Rational Beauty blog

Jeanette Abbink blog, check it out!

Rational Beauty is a graphic design studio based in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

jeudi 29 octobre 2009

mercredi 28 octobre 2009

The Noble Savage and the Little Tramp

Exhibition views from "The Noble Savage and the Little Tramp " Mount Tremper New York

Dysfashional + zine

Small black and white and colors zine published for Dysfahional exhibition in Paris and Berlin. The story has been in shot in Berlin in 2008 with Dancer Helga Wretman. edition of 100, numbered, 10 are signed.

dimanche 4 octobre 2009


Decathlon Book n°5
04/10/09 NY Art Book Fair

jeudi 1 octobre 2009

NY ART BOOK FAIR opening tonight!

Saturday at 4pm , Todd Jordan and I will be signing books

mardi 22 septembre 2009


One of my latest work "PARKING LOT HYDRA" will be published and launched in NY by Decathlon Books begining of october. Come and join us during the New York Book Art Fair, October 2-4 at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center.

Decathlon Books is a collaborative publishing project initiated by designer and publisher Duncan Hamilton and photographer and filmmaker Peter Sutherland...The intention is to publish 10 books over a 2 year span featuring artists, writers and photographers.

jeudi 17 septembre 2009

CHOMO à la Halle Saint Pierre

"Il y a dix ans mourait Chomo, l’ermite de la forêt de Fontainebleau, artiste total à la fois poète, musicien, peintre, sculpteur, architecte, et auteur d’un film récapitulatif de toute son œuvre, plus long que le Mahâbhârata : Le Débarquement Spirituel. Une véritable légende vivante, dont l’empreinte est profonde sur tous ceux qui l’ont rencontré(...)" Laurent Danchin

Si vous êtes à Paris allez voir l'exposition " Le Débarquement Spirituel" hommage à l'oeuvre de CHOMO le "fou de la forêt". 2 films incroyables et inédits sont à voir absolument!!! Exposition à l'initiative de Laurent Danchin critique d'art et écrivain, mise en scène par Martine Lusardy, directrice de la Halle Saint Pierre. Ma contribution à cette aventure a été de me rendre sur place pour photographier quelques unes des sculptures de Chomo.

jeudi 10 septembre 2009