mercredi 8 juillet 2009

The Noble Savage and the Little Tramp / Mount Tremper NY

I'm part of a group show curated by Hannah Whitaker

The Noble Savage and the Little Tramp

August 6 – 30

Mount Tremper New York

Curated by Hannah Whitaker
Featuring: Nayland Blake, Lucas Blalock, Gil Blank, Caleb Considine, Trisha Donnelly, Michaela Fruhwirth, Jonah Groeneboer, Estelle Hanania, Anya Kielar, Boru O’Brien O’Connell, Arthur Ou, Matthew Porter, Noah Sheldon, Mary Weatherford, James Welling and Mark Wyse.

The Noble Savage and the Little Tramp is an exhibition of works made through reductive acts in search of the basic, primal, or mechanical. Whether through an image reduced to mark on ground or a person reduced to biological imperative these works travel along similarly direct pathways, but deviate in their destinations. Amidst a global interconnectedness of ever increasing horror and complexity, they asymptotically approach a basic center, where hard meaning can reliably be found, like a rock smoothed through violent friction. The result is fragmentation without reassembly. This shedding of complication carries an edge of delusion, but knowingly so, since these are acts not of escapism but of affirmation.

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