samedi 22 décembre 2007

Sleek Magazine

"Switzerland provides photographer Estelle Hanania with ideal culture conditions for her interest in costums and pagan customs. In the Appenzeller region, for example, strong men totally cover themselves in leaves and branches on New Year's Eve ( which , in some places in this land of precision timekeeping,is celebrated according to the Julian calendar on January 13) and don masks made of animal teeth and bones. Accompanied by the sound of bells and yodelling, they move from farm to farm to drive away evil demons.The strangely touching sight of these Nature Chläuse, who lumber along somewhat clumsily and seem to babble to themselves, would seem better suited to attracting demons-that's if the demons noticed them at all, so perfect is their becoming, natural camouflage. Solo Show at FAT galerie, Paris, March-April 2008."
Sleek magazine

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